World’s First Programme for Former Police Officers to Excel as Entrepreneurs

Nottingham-based bestselling author, Alexander Seery, who previously worked as a Detention Officer for Nottinghamshire Police, has introduced the world’s first programme for former and serving police officers to become their own boss as entrepreneurs. The 27-year-old is the founder of Shifts to Success, a business training company that exclusively supports former and serving police officers in building businesses as well as various skillsets of entrepreneurship.

Prior to building Shifts to Success, Alexander Seery studied successful entrepreneurs and businesses for six years. He built his first successful company from scratch while working full-time in the police force. Alexander Seery has a deep passion for helping people realise their potential.

Alexander Seery is the author of the new best-selling book, Police Officer to Entrepreneur, published by Rethink Press. This provides police officers with practical advice to enhance their skillset and find an alternative career path beyond the police force. Alexander Seery explains that out of 43,000 currently serving police officers, 55.9% said that their morale was low and 84.2% said that this poor morale was due to the negative treatment of the police force (

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