WINSTON McKENZIE on Windrush: “Draconian measures taken by Mrs. May have been considered thoughtless”

By Jamaican-born, WINSTON McKENZIE

In one of the most unforeseen unjustifiable instances ever witnessed in this country, the “Windrush generation”, the product of selfless brave men and women, who came to the aid of this great country in two World Wars, but predominantly during the Second World War, and the years after, appear to have now been re-classified as illegal immigrants due to retrospective laws written up by a Labour Government and imposed by a Conservative Government!

During those torrid war years, such sacrifices must always be treasured; – “Lest we forget”.

At the end of the war years “Windrush” citizens, from the Caribbean especially, were invited to England in their droves to help rebuild Great Britain and to do the jobs many of the English either wouldn’t do or couldn’t do due to the devastation of man-power in the War.

I am a product of “Windrush” parents.  My Father, “God rest his soul”, was a dignified honourable man who worked extremely hard to bring up his family, never complained and never relied upon Benefits.

I find it difficult to understand how other foreigners can newly settle in this country with relative ease, legal or illegal, having never paid anything into the system.

The Lib/Lab/Con “cabal” have failed this country and its hard-working inhabitants.

Moral is now at a low point.  We are all in turmoil over the current state of affairs.  Both Labour and the Tories are as bad as each other.  It is shear hypocrisy of Labour to act as though they are innocent.  Racism is currently rife within that Party as Anti-Semitism rips its way through the pride and trust built by it’s loyal members over the years.  Their reward is public knowledge.

I recently witnessed the total demise of Barbara Isaacs, a Commonwealth migrant from Jamaica, who in 2008, under the Brown Labour Government, under threat of deportation, lost her three children to Social Services and then her house, suffering a breakdown during that period!  Both David Lammy and Diane Abbott were aware of the cruelty being initiated under Gordon Brown’s leadership.

The Tories!  Faced an even more daunting task at the Home Office.  When elected they continued in the same vein with the policies already laid down by the previous Labour Government.  Indeed, Home Office policies laid down by Labour MP, Alan Johnson.

Draconian measures taken by Mrs. May, as Home Secretary, and later Amber Rudd, as Home Secretary, have been considered thoughtless, and to a great extent, racist, as the act of physically deporting someone who came to the UK legally, is indeed unjustifiable.

Prime Minister Theresa May and her Home Secretary must now conclude, and forward without hindrance, an Unequivocal Irrevocable Amnesty for citizens of the “Windrush era”.

This catastrophic scenario must never raise its ugly head again.  That is why it is of grave importance to enter the proposals as a “Legal Amnesty”, written into Law.

Mrs. May will imminently relinquish her post as PM.  She can do nothing else!  Upon this action a new Leader will be appointed whereby it will be ascertained that nothing was written into Law with regard to the Windrush citizens.  We will still be classified as illegal, and it will be business as usual.

Moments of apologies and restoration of monies spent is not enough.

Don’t forget the phrase; -“A promise is a comfort to a fool!”

The thought by many of being taken away by Home Office Officials, carted off to a Detention Centre and held for weeks, before being escorted to an aeroplane and flown back to a country they haven’t revisited for 50-60 years, is unthinkable, to say the least.

The “DEPORTATION RALLY” is being held this coming Saturday, 28th April, at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park – 1pm sharp.

Be there,


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