What Millennials Did for Fun During the Lockdowns?

Everyone was bored during the global lockdown which lasted for months including millennials who were forced to turn to different fun activities that followed the strict lockdown rules. The importance of relaxing and having fun was even bigger during those tough months with the entire world battling the invisible enemy. So, what millennials did for fun during the global lockdown?

Many of them turned to the thriving iGaming industry or online gaming venues. Online facilities of this kind are always accessible any time of the day, they provide endless hours of entertainment, and even more. If you are considering jumping on this bandwagon, make sure you get started on the right track by checking out the Genting Casino Promo Code. Besides turning to iGaming venues, millennials have found several other fun things to do during the lockdowns.

Game Nights and Movie Marathons

Needless to say, having a fun family game night is an excellent activity for the entire family when being forced to spend more time at home. During the lockdowns, millennials said goodbye to clubbing and embraced spending more time with their families. They turned to Cluedo, Jenga, Ticket to Ride, and other essential games for a perfect family game night. Others turned to the good old charades game. Some even played with friends and other family members on the Zoom.

Having a great game night on top of a movie marathon is even more fun. With so many different streaming services out there such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, finding good movies to watch with the entire family has never been so entertaining. Besides movie marathons, many millennials enjoyed watching trending television series alone, with friends, or family members.

Productive, Yet Fun Activities

Those millennials who wanted to have fun while being productive during the lockdown embraced the power of the internet and entered different online internship programs. Some of them even tried digital housekeeping, some millennials have helped others by online tutoring them. Many millennials have started their e-commerce businesses during those months of the global lockdown so they combined enjoying fun activities with earning some extra money.

Other productive and fun activities they did in the lockdown include blogging. Some turned to popular platforms such as YouTube to document their daily lives with their subscribers and even boosted their monthly incomes. With the internet and everything that it offers, the possibilities to have fun while at the same time being productive are limitless.

Hobbies and Handmade Crafts

With the entire world being in lockdown, many millennials decided to explore their creative sides so we have seen many of them focusing on handmade crafts and other hobbies such as gardening, knitting, baking, photography, painting, and writing. Others who wanted to stay physically active enjoy running, cycling, yoga, and roller skating.

During the lockdown, millennials have also spent more time exploring their local areas. Some enjoyed hiking, others have had relaxing picnics and even though it seemed like the world has just stopped and nothing fun can be done, millennials have found ways to experience fun activities safely, stay entertained, and even be more productive during the lockdowns.

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