Three Dimensions – Sculpture & Ceramics at The Muse Gallery

The Muse Gallery brings together three sculptors from different backgrounds who work across a variety of disciplines and materials, at different stages of their artistic careers. The three artists share an aesthetic that is inspired by nature and abstracted into minimal form.

The works on show include marquettes for larger sculptures to perfectly formed ornaments and wall-based work. Some are small enough to fit into the palm of a hand, all are surprisingly affordable.

Peter Randall-Page is a British artist who has gained an international reputation through his sculpture, drawings and prints. Inspired by natural phenomena and geometry in nature, he creates patterns that are dictated by the inherent qualities of the material he works with. The works included in Three Dimensions are a collection of bronzes and small studies in stone.

Danuta Solowiej is a Polish artist who works in metal and clay. Applying a range of firing techniques and finishes, her ceramics are informed both by nature and by everyday objects and pared down to create simple vessels that are familiar and mysterious in equal measure.

Shoko Taruma is a Japanese artist who applies traditional techniques to create sculptures abstracted to deep black immaculate form. Using a dry lacquer technique traditionally used to make Buddhist statues her work is a contemporary expression of Japanese aesthetics.

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