Therese Coffey says Liz Truss has the backing of Leave MPs to deliver on Brexit.

WORK and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey says Liz Truss has the backing of Leave MPs to deliver on Brexit.

In an exclusive interview with GB News, Ms Coffey also explained why she was backing Truss for Number 10 saying she had a track record of delivery.

Speaking to GB News this afternoon (SUN), she said: “I’ve known Liz a long time and she’s one of my closest friends in politics. I know that she has delivered and she’s been in the cabinet since 2014. She has served in five different roles and whatever you can say about Liz, she absolutely delivers. As importantly, I know that she’s got a bold economic plan to help families with cutting taxes for them or to help them with the cost of bills.

She’s also committed to cutting taxes for businesses so that we can get growth in our economy It’s growth that’s going to help us increase the tax field and make sure that we can continue to honour the 2019 manifesto which Boris won with a huge majority So I think Liz is the real deal and can be trusted to deliver and is ready to lead. That’s why I’m backing her.

Asked if she thought Liz Truss’ tax cut policy might be inflationary, she argued: “I think there’s a variety of things that are going on with inflation and the aftershocks of COVID. So global supply chains are still not back in the place as they were and there has been some impact, particularly on energy, with the effect of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Now Liz is leading the way in standing up to Putin and other elements like that. But talking of economists and their views on tax cuts, and inflation, I think, frankly, we see a lot of economists talk in different ways about this. I believe she’s got a credible plan in terms of needing to boost growth and that’s by boosting investment and attracting more investment into this country. And that’s the way that we are going to be able to grow our economy, rather than go backwards.

“I think Liz is clear that we need to make sure we get a grip on inflation that has certainly been spiking, which is leading to those bill hikes. But importantly, we need to make sure that we continue to fill the vacancies we have.
“I believe that the package that Liz is presenting on our economic plan is credible and she wants to hit the ground running from day one.”
Elaborating on Liz’s plan on levelling up, she added: “Liz is a lady of the union. She grew up in Paisley, and lived in Leeds. She really wants to get that prosperity right around the country. And that’s building on what we have done with our levelling up programme so far.
“But I think a lot of this is about delivery, making sure that we get spades in the ground. And we’ve seen some great examples of that already.It is about unlocking and streamlining what we can do, so that we get that acceleration of activity in order to make sure that the growth comes through. And I know Liz is setting out a longer-term plan but she’s absolutely clear that we need to see change quickly. That’s why she wants to have this bold economic reform, where she’s going to be helping families with the cost of living but also cutting taxes in order to stimulate and boost growth.

“I believe that Liz is a truly credible candidate. You could show that by the delivery that she’s done when she was Trade Secretary.

“People who were very much part of the Vote Leave campaign are backing her because they believe that she will deliver. It’s important that we get on with that job. And this track record delivery is a really important part of her agenda.”

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