The very silent and calm Don Bondo surprises us with his unique rap style

Don Bondo, A film producer, director from Montreal, Canada just released his first solo song. Not his first song, but his first song with such an unique style and we are loving it in over here.

In the song, we can observe some British dialects and slangs typically from London, According to his Business partner and best friend Paul Prince, an artist of his own, it’s because of his love for UK Rap, A Rap style that we absolutely love and it’s now transcending in the international stage and we are more than happy to have him part of it.

The song hand 2 hand is a great song that preaches peace and love, we also get a glimpse of his view of the world and life throughout the lyrics and homage the beloved Mamba and Pop Smoke, an artist that have great influence in London especially through his beats.

Bondo is a talented artist that we want to hear more from, an artist to watch, he also has a profound love for “ Fredo” , A beloved artist in London, we can quite detect the style in his song. Him and his partner Paul Prince owns a Company called Jebomedia Inc., A well known company throughout their circle and city.

We Londoners are excited about this one and want to see more, maybe an album with that style? That sounds proper innit?

Find out more about his song now Hand 2 Hand on all platforms

You can also check out his other previous songs on your preferred platform

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