The Rebel Business School Prepares for Royal Reception

This week, The Rebel Business School gains its official Royal recognition for its work helping people from all walks of life start up. But its work continues with a free course in Westminster to open just days later

An organisation which has helped thousands of people start up businesses will officially receive a Queen’s Award for Promoting Opportunity this week.

The hugely popular Rebel Business School will be presented with the prestigious award this week by Roxane Zand, the Representative Deputy Lieutenant for Camden, at a private ceremony in the capital.

Enjoy Training, which now trades as The Rebel Business School, was set up by Alan Donegan and Simon Paine in 2010 and has helped over 11,000 people start businesses.

Following the ceremony, the organisation is coming to London with a two-week course, made free by sponsors including Westminster City Council and Greater London Authority.

The free, online course is aimed at everyone, from those with no cash or business experience to existing businesses needing a boost. It takes place live via Zoom from November 29 to December 10.

Rebel CEO Simon Paine (pictured) recently met Prince Charles at Windsor Castle at a special ceremony for Queen’s Award winners.

“Prince Charles was particularly interested in speaking to companies like ours that are having a positive impact on the world. We had a great conversation about entrepreneurship and business support for young people and also the over 50s,” said Mr Paine.

“Bringing our work to the attention of Royalty, government and policy makers has been a highlight of this year,” he added.

“We love helping people start businesses and genuinely believe anyone can do it. You don’t need money, qualifications or a business plan, you just need to find a customer. That’s a very liberating concept, which we’ve proved many times over, and it’s great to get royal recognition for it.”

Mr Paine is encouraging Londoners with either existing businesses or just bright ideas to join Rebel’s next event and get started.

“Running a business course on Zoom is excellent as you can actually get people to take action while the course is underway. We show people how to launch websites and they can do it while learning. We teach them how to market and sell and people often do that during the course.

“At the end of most business courses, you walk away with a bill. On ours, you leave with a new or better business,” he added.

“Many people in London will have experienced a really difficult time in the past year, but we are here to help them bounce back.

“We’ve worked with all kinds of people, teaching them sales, marketing, budgeting and more.

“But the big thing everyone refers to in the feedback is confidence. They learn to rebel against the negativity that’s holding them back. They learn a ‘rebel mindset’.”

Rebel courses typically attract between 100-200 people per session. “Our message to attendees is simple,” added Paine, “You don’t need money, an expensive education or a big plan to start a business, you just need to find something you love and to get a bit of help.

“Now’s actually the best time to be starting up. Everything has changed, the world has been shaken up and people who get moving can take advantage of the new situation,” he said.

The Westminster Rebel Business School is available free of charge to participants as it is being delivered as part of the new Digital Street Markets project, which is being funded by Westminster City Council, the European Regional Development Fund and the Greater London Authority.

You can book a free place via the Rebel Business School website:

Westminster November 2021 | Rebel Business School

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