The Future is Faux: FRIDA ROME’s interchangeable bag panel lets fashion fans switch up their style sustainably

Many eco-conscious handbag lovers might find themselves asking the question; How
many bags is too many to own when trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

Say hello to FRIDA ROME. This British-made, female-founded conscious luxury
brand have come up with a unique handbag design that provides an ingenious solution
to the accessory-overload dilemma.

Their debut luxury vegan crossbody the WEEK/END features bold, cut-edge lines in
all black cactus leather. Lined with a contrasting sumptuous eco-suede, and featuring
FRIDA ROME’s sensual signature hidden detail – an erotic story chapter. Finished
with over 30 light gold press studs that, aside from being a punkishly cool feature,
enable the bag to fully deconstruct into a flat-pack, flight-friendly accessory. It’s no
wonder that when the bag initially launched the first orders were sold out within two

However, that wasn’t the only practical reason for the pull-apart function of the
WEEK/END. Founders, Rebecca Joy & Natalie Deana, made it possible for their
sought-after statement accessory to transform into multiple styles; by recently
introducing interchangeable panels that perfectly attach to the original bag with just a
few clicks of the iconic press studs.

‘When designing, we’re always asking ‘How will this make me feel?’. We aim to bring
excitement and a sense of joy to our customers with everything we create. The beauty
of interchangeable panels is that you can transform your bag and your mood in a
matter of seconds. It’s fun.’ Says Rebecca, co-founder of FRIDA ROME.

The first additional panel available to purchase is a plush vegan shearling that replaces
the front face of the WEEK/END crossbody bag. This transforms the handbag from
sleek all-black, rock’n’roll cool to retro 70’s California vibes in an instant.

FRIDA ROME are encouraging purchasers to reduce waste by adapting the style of
their WEEK/END bag, instead of looking for a whole new handbag when in the
mood for a change. Natalie, co-founder, explains; “We are always aiming to improve
our sustainability. The interchangeable function of the WEEK/END is part of our
design ethos to try and minimise wastefulness, something we haven’t yet seen

The new shearling panel comes with impressive GOTS, IVN Best and Fair for Life
natural textile manufacturing certifications. FRIDA ROME selected the cruelty-free
plush fabric with careful consideration for the manufacturer’s credentials. With a
supply chain that is entirely transparent, the organic cotton used to make the vegan
shearling is only sourced from areas which get enough rain for sustainable cotton
production. It’s grown without harmful pesticides, harvested according to natural,
ecological methods and the manufacturing process actually contributes to green

FRIDA ROME’s commitment to sustainability comes without sacrificing luxury,
quality or style. The WEEK/END’s vegan cactus leather has a suppleness and texture
only associated with luxury fashion accessories. With the same eco-suede that lined the
original WEEK/END also lining the vegan shearling panel, the bag retains the same
sophisticated interior with the adapted style.

A one-bag-for-all-occasions, the WEEK/END can also be worn three ways; as a
crossbody, shoulder or clutch bag to take any fun-seeking fashionista from day to night
effortlessly. And with the addition of the shearling panel, the style can be changed up
swiftly, all while satisfying a conscientious buyer’s tick-list.

Co-Founder Natalie Deana promises that this is only the beginning for the bag with
many personalities: “The faux shearling front panel is just the first of many other
panel design ideas we have for the WEEK/END. There are lots of exciting options
we’re exploring, and we can’t wait to offer our customers even more choice with their
investment of our beloved handbag.”

With a proven track-record of sustainable practices, and consistent innovations in
ecological design, fashion fans with a conscience would be wise to keep FRIDA
ROME on their radar.

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