The Christmas jumper fighting fast fashion

Two-fifths of Christmas jumpers are worn just once during the Christmas period and one in three of those under 35 will buy a new festive jumper each year – with 95% of garments made wholly or partly of plastic materials.

This year, while many brands including McDonalds, IKEA and Marmite launch entire Christmas merchandise ranges to bring some festive cheer, NOMO bucks the trend by launching just one jumper.

The festive garment will be borrowed, shared and passed around UK homes to raise awareness of the destructive impact of fast fashion and highlight the importance of re-use rather than contributing to the ever-increasing pile of Christmas jumpers.

The UK’s number one vegan and free-from chocolate brand worked with lifelong knitter Karen East to create the masterpiece – made entirely from sustainably sourced 100% organic yarn and lovingly knitted over the course of two months.

With Christmas jumper day happening on Friday 10th December in support of Save the Children, NOMO is encouraging Brits to get involved, but with second-hand items to prevent unnecessary waste.

Jacqueline Tyrrell, Brand Manager of NOMO said: “This year we decided that the world did not need a new range of branded Christmas jumpers – there are plenty to go around as it is, without contributing to the fast fashion crisis. We are a vegan product that is Rainforest Alliance certified, free from palm oil and made in the UK – and we are constantly striving to improve our sustainability credentials.

“Our NOMO Christmas jumper, which travels to different homes, helps highlight the importance of re-use. There are two clear benefits of buying from a charity shop ahead of Christmas jumper day: first, the money goes to a charity and second it prevents unnecessary waste, it’s a win-win.”

Karen East knitter of NOMO’s masterpiece said: “As a vegan and environmentalist I loved knitting this Christmas jumper for NOMO. I really enjoy a challenge and the intricate knitting pattern certainly made it one. Whilst being sustainable, recycled cotton is also warm and soft which helped the bright colours pop out beautifully. I’ve been blown away by all the lovely requests from NOMO fans to knit more jumpers – but re-use is best and hopefully this travelling jumper might find its way to them over the coming years!”

Since launching in 2019, NOMO has become a staple of the confectionery industry and is currently worth £9 million in RSV, selling over 6.6 million in unit sales and 351 tonnes of chocolate – equal to around thirty double decker buses. It has a strong following of both loyal and new customers; so much so that NOMO, on average, is bought twice as often as its competitors. 


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