The Camden Watch Company launch Kickstarter campaign to fund their new all Swiss Automatic

The Camden Watch Company (, an independent British brand based in the heart of Camden and Greenwich Market founded by wife and husband team Anneke Short and Jerome Robert founded in 2014, will be launching a new Kickstarter campaign to fund their new No.274 case design with a Swiss Made Automatic as well as a Swiss Made quartz edition.

Kickstarter campaign can be found here:

Having trained in Switzerland as a jewellery and watch designer, Anneke Short has been designing watches for well over a decade, along with her husband and co-founder Jerome, born and bred in the Swiss watch valley of La Chaux-de-Fonds, the very town from where they are sourcing their automatic movements.

This is not the first time The Camden Watch Company has worked with Kickstarter to get a design off the ground. Their first campaign took place in 2017 for their first automatic timepiece collection. 152 backers pledged £49,040 (funding goal was £18,000) to help bring this project to life. At the end of the campaign they had reached 272% of their goal.

When asked why they are using Kickstarter as opposed to investors, Jerome Robert said: “Why Kickstarter? It gives us that opportunity to stay independent, to grow at our own speed, yet create a timepiece we are passionate about. If the public is our investor by buying our watches, we grow at our own pace and develop watches we love and our customers love.”

Anneke Short said: “This is what sets us apart from other brands. It’s not just what the margins are going to be like, or the costings, or the commercial viability. It’s the passion for the product. We will never release a watch because there is a certain deadline to reach, we will only release a new watch when we think we have nailed the design. We don’t create seasonal collections, we create designs we love and release them then.”

Jerome continues, “We don’t do discounts, we don’t do sales, we don’t take part in Black Friday but this is the second time we will give our customers the chance to get a discount, for those backing the Kickstarter campaign.”

About the The Camden Watch Company No.274 watchcase and dial design

While The Camden Watch Company has variations of cases and dial designs, this will be their first new case model in five years.

The No.274 case comes in at ø 38 mm, firmly a unisex watch. The two-piece case, featuring varying finishes from the high polished bezel to the brushed side. The dial is the perfect combination of contemporary design with vintage inspiration.

The guilloché lines are inspired by the criss-crossing ironwork of the imposing gaswork structures that can be found along the canal from Kings Cross to Camden. These structures are huge. Giant, imposing monolithic like buildings that are robust and strong in design and yet somehow still elegant, refined even.

The dials of the two versions both take inspiration form the same ideas but are clearly different, part of the same family but with neither being a copy of the other.

Both models come on beautiful Italian leather straps available in a variety of colours that can be easily interchanged to give your watch a fresh new look.

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