The battle for humanity’s survival continues in ATTACK ON TITAN SEASON 2

The pop-culture sensation makes a colossal return in the highly anticipated dark fantasy anime sequel and no doubt comes with it a storm of new animated adult content created by fans, if you’re into that – visit their website.

Anime is a hugely popular genre, with books, films, and even adult entertainment venturing into the animated world.

For example, Hentai, a subgenre of Japanese anime is characterized by sexualized characters, images, and plots. To learn more about Hentai, go to

Adult entertainment to one side, another hugely popular anime sub-genre is that of action.

Want to discover an incredible anime season packed with drama, fantasy, and epic battles?

ATTACK ON TITAN SEASON 2 arrives on DVD, Blu-ray™ and Limited Edition Blu-ray™ on February 26, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. With an all-new 12-episode season, the battle for humanity’s survival continues in this epic anime adventure. The struggles become more personal and the secrets of not only the Titans but of those around them, start to unravel.

Based on Hajime Isayama’s New York Times best-selling manga with over 2.5 million copies in print, ATTACK ON TITAN tells the story of humanity’s last remnants, sheltered behind large “walls” in fear of the giant humanoid “Titans” who hunt them. When the wall is breached and Eren Jaeger’s mother is killed, the young man enlists in the Scout Regiment, the military’s front line in their war to reclaim humanity’s home, angrily declaring that he’ll kill all the Titans.


On DVD and Blu-ray™ February 26

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