Temporary hosepipe ban in the UK following England’s driest July since 1935

Following what is being called the driest July in the UK since 1935, the National Drought Group moved England into “Prolonged Dry Weather” status – the stage before a drought – in an emergency meeting. With England’s rainfall down by 76% in July, restrictions for hosepipe use are expected to be introduced imminently for certain British regions. SaveMoneyCutCarbon, the nation’s leading sustainable-living and energy-saving platform argue that the ban is a catalyst for the global need to reduce and preserve water as our planet responds to unprecedented weather changes.

The average hosepipe uses 170 litres of water for every 10 minutes that it is turned on. That’s almost 19 flushes of a toilet in just 10 minutes. Mark Sait, CEO and founder of SaveMoneyCutCarbon, says that lack of water will affect almost a quarter of the entire population by 2025. It has already had a disastrous impact on our ecosystems including billions of people, plants and animals. Likewise, using energy more wisely reduces the amount of fuel needed and consequently fewer greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon host a broad selection of water home shop and mobile app is a selection of affordable and water-efficient products that help save consumers hundreds annually, simultaneously lowering their carbon footprint. For example:

Swap your regular shower head for an Eco Smart one
There is a common misconception that water-saving showers aren’t as enjoyable because they don’t have a constant flow rate or water pressure, but it’s just that – a misconception. Hansgrohe has developed an innovative technology does both, helping you to save water without compromising on the shower experience.

The technology, called EcoSmart, has a flow rate limiter and an aerator inside. The flow rate limiter does exactly what it says on the tin, it limits the flow of water (by 50%), whilst the aerator boosts the flow with added air – so the water pressure remains the same as a conventional shower head – a great green technology for eco-conscious consumers.

Try a water-displacement bag
With more people working from home, there will likely be a rise in water use so conserving water where possible is vitally important. Research shows flushing is responsible for up to 90% of water consumption in commercial environments. Therefore, the Save-a-Flush displacement bag is a brilliantly simple way to save thousands of litres of water every year. It works by displacing water in the cistern to save you 1 litre of water each time you flush your toilet. Overall, this easy-to-fit and zero-maintenance device can save you an average of 4,800 litres a year.

Fit tap aerators in your home
An eco tap aerator only takes a few minutes to fit but it will start reducing your bills immediately. They are small attachments that either fit onto the end of your tap or are inserted into the existing sprout. They mix air into the water stream to restrict the amount of water passing through the tap – reducing the flow of water by as much as 50%. Minimising water flow also reduces the amount of energy required to heat the water – saving you more money each month.

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