So good! Sweet Caroline is England’s new football anthem, with five times as many searches as Three Lions

UK search interest in the song Sweet Caroline spiked yesterday to even higher levels than England football anthem Three Lions as fans celebrated the team’s progression to their first ever European Championship final.

The analysis of Google Trends data by CasinoGrounds reveals that searches for Sweet Caroline spiked between 10pm and 11pm last night, receiving five times the interest of England fans’ traditional rally cry of “it’s coming home”.

The Neil Diamond classic, first released in 1969, hasn’t traditionally been associated with England football fans, but shot to prominence when it was sung by the Wembley crowd after England’s 2-0 Round of 16 win over Germany. However Google searches for it remained around their normal level even after Gareth Southgate’s men beat Ukraine 4-0 in the quarter-final.

Last night TV coverage showed England’s victorious players joining fans in a rendition of the song, and searches sky-rocketed to 376% more than those for “it’s coming home”.

Neither search has yet reached the levels seen during the 2018 World Cup, when the number of people in England Googling “it’s coming home” were at their highest levels ever during the build up to England’s semi-final against Croatia.

A spokesperson for CasinoGrounds said: “Sweet Caroline has always been a karaoke classic, but it’s remarkable to see how last night it surpassed even the song which has itself become a meme as well as a terrace chant. For most England fans it perfectly encapsulates the feeling of reaching the final: good times never seemed so good.”

According to Google Trends data, searches for both Sweet Caroline and “It’s coming home” spiked at 10.36pm last night, approximately the same time as the final whistle went.

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