Small business offers to kill to order as star prize in crowdfunder

Small quirky independent small business Red Herring Games has just launched their latest crowdfunding campaign to help fun a software development that could revolutionise the murder mystery game market.

Work began on the project in late March and while the team have been funding the development so far, they decided the time had come to raise the additional funds needed via crowdfunding.

“We use Kickstarter regularly” Jo Smedley, managing director, explained. “When we are launching a new product or a new event, Kickstarter is a great way to fund it. But software is quite a nebulous concept, so we were looking around the internet to see what else people had done when we stumbled upon Crowdfunder raffle. It looked an ideal way to help raise the funds we needed.”

Crowdfunder raffle allows small businesses to raise funds with a prize draw style revenue model. Customers create pledges to help support the project, and the business offers a variety of incentive prizes which literally anyone could win, regardless of the amount pledged.

“We knew immediately what the star prize should be.” Jo Smedley said. “Each year we write a variety of bespoke kits for customers each Christmas. And the chance of winning this for just a £5 entry will be a really sought after prize!”

Other prizes on offer include a custom virtual escape room, a private room at a virtual weekend event, crime scene socks, vouchers for various games and board games.

“We’ve never crowd funded this way before.” Jo Smedley said. “It’ll be interesting to see how it goes.”

The “Summer of Crime Prize Draw” launched yesterday and needs to raise £4000 by the 21st July in order to successfully fund. If you want the chance to win make sure you submit your pledge before the middle of July.

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