Sir William Worsley has been appointed to bolster planting rates and grow green spaces

A new Tree Champion to drive forward planting rates and prevent the unnecessary felling of street trees has been appointed today by Environment Secretary Michael Gove.

Sir William Worsley, current Chair of the National Forest Company, has been tasked with setting a bold direction for the country’s forests and woodlands over the next 25 years and supporting the Government’s manifesto commitments to plant 11 million trees, plus a further one million in our towns and cities.

Alongside the Government’s recently-launched review into National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Champion will help to improve the environment for the next generation and make the ambitions of our 25 Year Environment Plan a reality.

He will bring together mayors, city leaders and other key players across local government to prevent the unnecessary felling of street trees – alongside supporting the introduction of a new duty for councils to properly consult with communities before they cut down trees.

With a number of grant schemes already in place to help landowners grow woodland cover, the Tree Champion will support the development of a future scheme outside the EU – one that encourages large-scale tree planting, reduces carbon and rewards landowners for enhancing the environment. There are also other schemes found across the globe that are looking to plant trees in other locations all around the world in efforts to improve the environment and living conditions for all species. For example, you may be interested in reading some of this page and infographics on the agroforestry movement that has been planting trees for a number of years to preserve our future.

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