Shamayun Miah discusses the importance of EQ in the business arena

Corporations across the globe are recognizing the deep impact emotional intelligence has on everything a person does. Emotional intelligence is increasingly becoming a valued skill, deemed essential by many top-ranking firms.

With over two decades of experience as a high-ranking corporate executive, Shamayun Miah brings value to any table.  

The veteran management consultant is of the firm view that Emotional Quotient (EQ) is an important factor in the success of any business.

He believes that personal trust between client and the company and amongst its employees at all levels, remains one of the deciding factors in the success or failure of any business enterprise.

He says that emotional bonds between humans are at the heart of trust and should not be underestimated.

“Whether it is a client or a co-worker, knowing about their challenges, issues and aspirations is crucial.”

“Developing good listening skills would put you in a situation where you would be able to understand better and make conscious, result-oriented decisions,” he adds.

Recalling his successful stints in various senior positions, Shamayun Miah says that the virtues of honesty and integrity have helped him gain the trust of the clients as well as colleagues throughout his career. A foundation of trust is a platform to manage difficult situations and unforeseen events.  

“Building strong relationships has always been important to me. I give preference to the long term relationships I build with clients over sales or short term gains. I believe in building trust on a long-term basis, building relationships which are based on trust, transparency and mutual success. “A strong relationship built on trust is priceless, especially in these unprecedented times of uncertainty,” he says.

 Shamayun Miah says that having emotional intelligence is a must in higher management positions.

“One should have the ability to support and manage the emotions of others in a positive and constructive manner. An important aspect of Emotional Quotient (EQ) includes empathy for others, relationship management, self-awareness and being consciously, socially aware,” he advises.     

He further adds that for success there is a need for creating an environment where people could innovate and try new things in a safe environment. Having the right environment and empowered co-workers inspires great achievements.  

“Developing good communication skills, whether with the clients or with your co-workers will help create work environments that are going to lead to better results,” for co-workers or clients to truly commit they need to believe in the communication, vision and share a common purpose.  They want to believe that what they do matters and there is a bigger purpose, he says.

Explaining further, he says that business leaders need to be able to gain the trust of people at every level in their organization.

Shamayun Miah believes that there is a need to converse with people at every level which goes beyond presentation skills.

“It is about being persuasive enough to influence people and this should be reflected in all aspects of your communication. Listen more than you talk and encourage dialogue,” he suggests.

Giving his personal example, Shamayun Miah says that the most basic principle which he follows in his life is to treat everyone with kindness.

“Your kindness and high standards will always serve you well in gaining the trust of your clients or the people who work for you,” he comments.

Miah said that these human values are extremely important both in professional and personal lives.

“These values help one to succeed at both the personal and the professional field, leading to contentment and fulfilment,” these values give us strength in times of difficulties, when we experience hardship and adversity, he concludes.   

While it’s important to have hard skills as a management consultant, Shamayun Miah goes on to explain the importance of soft skills on the path to success. One of the main factors that influenced Miah’s success as a management consultant was that he began networking with people and building new relationships immediately in his career.

“Network with other consultants, industry peers and clients. One of the best ways to explore the industry, or any industry for that matter, is to network with others.”

Shamayin Miah says that attending industry events, meeting with alumni and subscribing to industry newsletters will help you stay on top of what’s going on. You then build the connections and long term relationship by practice.  It is better to have a small set of strong relationships than 1000s of connections on social media platforms of people you do not know.  

Networking is a skill itself, which feeds perfectly into Miah’s next point – keep learning always. In the world of business, it’s important to keep expanding on the skills you have and building new ones to stay relevant and to maintain a competitive edge in your industry.

In Miah’s industry of consulting, he says that things are constantly evolving.

“It’s important to keep learning and expanding your knowledge,” says Miah. There are many resources available online to help you stay current on the latest industry trends.

At the same time, Miah says that it’s about observing. By paying attention to your industry, having new conversations and genuinely being interested, you can get the information you need to stay current.

To continue expanding on the topic of the importance of EQ in the business arena, Shamyun Miah says a big part of being emotionally intelligent is giving back to your community and considering your impact on the world.

EQ isn’t only about understanding people and being emotionally skilled in the world of business to close a deal. It’s about genuinely having empathy and supporting the people around you.

In an interview in the Business News Ledger, Shamayun Miah said that futures are built by small acts of kindness. He says that he always thinks about kind acts he can do to help others, and he recommends people do the same.

He goes on to say that acts of kindness don’t have to be big or performative, they just have to help people, even if that’s one person in the smallest way imaginable.

Shamayun Miah himself found himself inspired to help others when he learned of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. In Yemen, there are about 22 million people who are suffering from issues like poverty and starvation. In fact, about 80 percent of the population is impoverished and in immediate need of assistance.

That’s why Miah himself became involved in Muslim Hands, a UK-based charity dedicated to serving vulnerable populations around the world by addressing the root causes of poverty. Miah says that becoming involved in a charity has added more meaning to his life and the work he does. Miah donates to purchase medical equipment, assistance and shelter in Yemen.

It just goes to show that EQ is more than about navigating the business world – it’s about forming meaningful connections and finding a way to help others, colleagues, clients and society. It’s about feeling connected not only to your industry, but to the world around you.

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