Royal author questions if Prince Harry should keep royal titles

A ROYAL author has questioned why Prince Harry should keep his royal titles, particularly the Duke of Sussex moniker.

Norman Baker, in an exclusive interview with GB News, says “nobody asked” the people of Sussex whether they want an association with Harry.

He said: “I’m living in Sussex, I woke up one day to find we had Prince Harry, nobody ever asked anyone in Sussex whether they want Prince Harry.

“This is a rather medieval way of dealing with these matters, to just appoint people to parts of the country.

“But of course the dukedom can only be taken away by the Queen”.

Mr Baker said Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, should also lose his royal title, after the York City Council made the decision to remove the Duke’s freeman of the city status.

Speaking during Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel on GB News, he said: “Prince Andrew is bad news all round, so why would you want to be associated with him?

“I hope very much that he will have his Duke of York title taken away.”

Andrew is facing renewed calls for his Duke of York title to be removed after he lost his freeman status.

Lib Dem, Labour, Tory, Green and independent councillors came together to vote unanimously for the motion at York Racecourse on Wednesday, with members of the public joining in the chorus of condemnation for the duke.

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