Renew Party’s Kam Balayev launches his Mayor of London campaign and promises a Digital Big Bang

Kam Balayev, the 39-year-old Renew candidate for Mayor of London, is launching his campaign on a bold platform of revolutionising how we approach the digital economy in London.

At the centrepiece of his New Economy Plan, Kam aims to create an E-London that is powered by data. The data of Londoners is currently being monetised by Big Tech firms, but Londoners are neither rewarded nor do they have control over their privacy.

As Mayor, Kam will ensure that money made from our city, stays in our city. He is pledging to leverage these profits back into the Mayor’s budget and towards his Big 5 campaign promises:

1. Tackling knife crime and gang violence

2. Supporting London’s small businesses

3. Affordable housing and discounts for first-time buyers

4. Green investment and sustainable development

5. Increased community policing and local neighbourhood investment

Kam also intends to end rough-sleeping in the city by providing shelters for those struggling on our streets. The insight he received from a homeless charity in Battersea have made clear the scale of the challenge and the need for greater investment.

Explaining his platform, Kam said:

“Renew and I want Londoners to become the shareholders of an E-London that I will create on day one. Yes, our business-friendly environment attracts these firms to our city, creating jobs and spurring growth. But we now need to share in some of those profits too.

“It’s time to create a Digital Big Bang that puts London front-and-centre. Only by working with the government to feed London’s riches back into the city itself can we grow strong as the true capital of the New Economy.”

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