Renew Party highlights public sell-off in London as part of Mayoral campaign

Renew Party candidates and members have been campaigning across London against the public service sell-off under Sadiq Khan. London’s Metropolitan Police has lost 106 police stations and now has just 36 after selling off £1bn of property. At the same time, 101 youth clubs have closed since 2011, adding pressure to the policing of street crime. Budgetary pressures have been blamed for the closures.

Renew Party Mayoral candidate, Kam Balayev, stated that, “The police are forced to sell off their assets to raise some funds. This is shameful for a world capital like London. We can afford to keep our residents safe, so why don’t we?”

In an election with an unprecedented 20 candidates, Renew have focussed on providing a broad platform and a credible alternative to the failed establishment and the single-issue, vanity and comedy candidates. The Renew Party have been campaigning in all 33 London Boroughs and will continue to highlight the London sell-off in the days leading up to the election on May 6th.

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