Potential delays to 21st June re-opening set to shake the music and events industry

With a delay to the Government’s originally planned 21st June easing becoming ever more apparent, those in music and events prepare for yet another ruinous blow to their industry. Almost a quarter of Brits say the number one thing they are excited about on this date is the return to live events, gigs, and festivals. With these fans preparing with a combined spending power of more than a billion (£1.3 billion) for this return, such delays could have devastating impacts on an industry already shaken to its core over the last year.

Research from global music discovery and ticketing platform DICE has looked at the incredibly personal and valuable role music plays in our life, finding that almost a third of the nation agree that music has been the biggest support to their mental health over the past year, explaining the degree of anticipation from fans for a return to their beloved live events.

Key stats:

  • 24% (38,388,000) agree that the number one thing that they are looking forward to after lockdown is going to gigs and festivals
  • 31% (12,107,000) agree that live streaming and music have been the biggest support to their mental health over the last year
  • 29% (8,448,000) agree that knowing that thousands of other people tune in to live streams with them makes them feel less alone

With many turning to music and their favourite artists when most isolated, a reliance on media such as live streams and digital interactions has formed. It has been reported that between March and April last year, the live-streaming sector grew by 45% as fans and creators sought entertainment and distraction, and DICE have hosted more than 6,000 live streams since they launched their live streaming service last April. With one of the reasons for the spike in listenership being  that lockdown was such an isolated experience – the role of music and technology proved invaluable given it was one of the only mediums that could be enjoyed irrespective of the context that we were listening in.

Previously, DICE offered a way for fans to buy tickets to live events as well as discover new music and artists, but within weeks of the pandemic taking hold, the platform swiftly recalibrated their service offer to include a streaming platform. By tuning into these high quality virtual events and live streams, fans are able to connect and build on their emotionally charged relationships with their favourite artists during Covid-19.

Andrew Foggin, Global Head of Music at DICE, comments:

“Throughout lockdown, music has played a vital role in alleviating feelings of isolation and boosting moods. Fans miss live music and their desire to get closer to their favourite artists hasn’t diminished. Although nothing will replace in-person live shows, streaming offers fans the chance to get closer to their favourite artists and experience all the joys that a live event has to offer from the comfort of their own home.”

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