Playboy Playmate Liza Kei Defends Playboy Magazine for putting first male model on the cover

A former Playboy Playmate has defended Playboy Magazines decision to put the first ever LGBT man on the cover of the iconic men’s magazine.

Russian-born supermodel Liza Kei, who has previously graced the cover of the magazine as well as being the last Playboy Playmate before the death of the magazines founder in 2017.

The glamorous model who also appeared in numerous other publications including Vogue and has been the face of Victoria Beckham and Estée Lauder skincare has said that she fully supports Playboy in its decision to feature YouTube star Bretman Rock as this months cover.

Liza Kei “Playboy has always been ahead of its time, so by featuring the first male cover star it sends out a powerful message to the world that all of us, male or female deserve to be celebrated for who we are”.

Kei famously appeared as the last Playboy Playmate before the death of Hugh Hefner back in September 2017 and added that “Being on the cover of Playboy is such a blessing and I am very proud of Bretman Rock for his incredible cover”.

The supermodel who is now based in Los Angeles also said that being on the cover was a career highlight and a way of proving people wrong, especially after she went though years of bullying as a young girl and always being told she was not good enough. Now she graces the covers of numerous fashion magazines, walks catwalks and stars in advertising campaigns for some of the biggest brand names in the world.

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