One man’s vision has become a reality; the Aemyrie Igneum is here

One man’s vision has become a reality; the Aemyrie Igneum is here and ready to set the outdoor cooking market alight. Widely regarded as the world’s most luxurious outdoor oven, the bespoke creation has now launched and is ready to be ordered with immediate effect.

Designed and constructed entirely by hand in England, Aemyrie was created in 2015 by fine food, wine and cooking aficionado Peter Walsh. He fell in love with the unique taste achieved through cooking on wood fires whilst travelling around the world seeking out new cooking inspirations. The grilling enthusiast began his quest to recreate the unique tastes which can only be achieved by cooking with smoke and flame on traditional fuels – and to bring these flavours back to Britain. ‘Aemyrie’ comes from the Old English word for ember.

Flavour is at the heart of an Aemyrie bespoke oven. Peter Walsh explains, “There are many cooking styles available to a chef when using an Aemyrie oven. A world first, patent pending intelligent temperature control mechanism automatically adjusts the entire system to ensure food is cooked precisely. This allows both food lovers and professional chefs alike to create everything from a steak seared for seconds, to melt-in-the-mouth meats which have been smoked at very low temperature for 20 hours or more.”

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