Oli London causes social media frenzy after arriving in Turkey to undergo his latest makeover

British K-pop sensation and star of Dr. Phil, E! Botched and BBC ‘Being British East Asian’ has whipped up a social media frenzy across Turkey, after less than 24 hours into his arrival.

London, who is best known for being Europe’s most successful Korean pop singer has arrived in Antalya, Turkey to undergo a smile makeover at Attelia Dental Clinic.

After posting a series of Tweets written in Turkish across Twitter, the search term ‘Oli London Antalya’ became a quick trending topic on the social media platform. London then declared his love for Turkish singer Seda Sayan, who is a judge on The Voice Turkey, in a series of bizarre tweets, promting the famed Turkish singer to post multiple posts to her 3 million followers on Instagram saying that she would love to see The British singer perform for her on The Voice.

The fun exchanges between the pair became an Instagram hot topic across Turkish media and Twitter with thousands of people surprised and bemused by the unusual exchange.

London is currently in Antalya, Turkey with celebrity socialite Aneece Malik, who is dubbed ‘The Veneer King’, to have a total and complete smile makeover.

He posted a series of behind the scenes photos to his Instagram after showing the results of his first day of his smile makeover and praised Attelia Dental for their incredible service saying ‘It’s just day one of my 6 day smile makeover and I cannot thank the clinic enough, I felt absolutely no pain during the procedure and the level of care and dedication is just incredible’.

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