North London studio stays traditional with Classical Pilates

There are many Pilates classes and many variations on the method, but Kinetic Pilates in North London takes a traditional approach and teaches only classical Romana’s Pilates – considered by professionals to be the best and most comprehensive training available.

Kinetic Pilates focuses on this classical method and has a fully equipped studio offering a full range of classes including private sessions and group classes in-studio and online. All instructors are Romana’s Pilates certified, and Kinetic Pilates also offers the only Romana’s Pilates’ Instructor Training Course in the UK.

Rebecca Convey opened Kinetic Pilates to offer classical Pilates training in North London. The studio has quickly become world renowned and attracts students from all over the world to book into their online classes. Originally a dancer Rebecca started training in Pilates while studying for her Masters Degree and fell in love with it. “I am passionate about how Pilates can help everyone. Even after two pregnancies, two emergency Caesareans, a car accident and a list of dance related injuries, my body feels stronger and is in less pain than it was 15 years ago.”

“I want people to know that Pilates is a lot more than a gentle breathing and stretching – it is designed to make the body stronger, more flexible, more coordinated, and more controlled. Pilates offers the potential of a challenging, dynamic full-body workout that is second to none. At Kinetic Pilates, we believe that everyone and every ‘body’ can benefit from Pilates. It is excellent for rehabilitation and recovery from injury and for posture, toning, strengthening, and stretching. Every activity you do regularly, from holding your baby and sitting on the train or working in an office to lifting weights, jogging or dancing professionally shapes your body. Years of use, misuse and abuse lead to discomfort, pain and premature ageing. Pilates can undo this misuse. We work with clients who come to us with injuries or who want to use Pilates to improve their sporting performance and overall fitness. Increasingly we have more men at the studio benefitting from Pilates- it is a method for everyone and a programme can be designed for specific needs. Whether you want to tone up, gain strength, improve your running, golf or cycling or just want to look and feel better, Classical Pilates has something for you.

The Pilates method was named after Joseph Pilates who developed the system over 90 years ago. When he died he passed his studio and work to Romana Kryzanowska, and it is Romana’s Pilates which sticks as closely as possible to Joseph Pilate’s work – without dilution from the original method.

Kinetic Pilates offers a full range of classes including private one-to-one or two-to-one sessions, group equipment classes, and group mat classes. 4 – 6 Ossian Mews, London N4 4DT

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