New ‘traffic light’ COVID-system leaves businesses in a jam

The UK Government announced its new ‘three-tier’ rules approach last night in Downing Street. The system is the latest in the Government’s ‘to and fro’ approach to tackle rising COVID cases. Yet, as with many other Government-led regulations, businesses have been left confused about whether employees should return to the workplace.

To comply with the ever-changing Government guidelines employees must work from home where possible. However, employers are faced with a lack of productivity and employee demands. Recent research revealed only 6% of the entire workforce want to work from home all of the time, while just 2% wish to work from the office full time. Nearly two thirds, 32%, would like an equal split of working from home and in the office.

How can businesses balance the Government’s new ‘three-tier’ approach with what’s best for the business and prepare offices for the flux in workers?

Buildings management expert and Smartway2 Executive Chairman, Steve Vatidis, knows businesses must implement a people-centric approach to the workplace. Minimising the risk of infection with smart technology which can ensure social distancing, rigorous cleaning schedules and ‘track & trace’, while prioritising employees who want and need to be in the office.

Steve said “Businesses are now realising they need to manage the return to the office for those who want to and can do it, but they are not equipped to cope with so many changes across the whole workforce. This is irrespective of government guidance – it is now imperative for businesses to address the choices of employees to make them feel in control.”

“Even prior to the Government’s three-tier system, office-based employers faced a hard task persuading nervous workers to return to a safe working environment. Employees are demanding unprecedented levels of autonomy in where and when they work. Such flexibility, which is vital to economic recovery, can only be provided with digital office and deskspace management.”

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