New survey reveals more people in London are taking CBD products to help with Depression

The use of CBD oil and other products in the UK has risen dramatically since the recent legislation of CBD health products. A new survey of CBD users across the UK, conducted on behalf of online pharmacy,Instant eCare, reveals that many people living in the London area are using CBD products with the aim of better managing mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. CBD can come in various forms, from gummies, to oils, to CBD oil pills and vapes. Each person using CBD to combat their illness can choose out of these variations and see what suits them best. CBD has come on in leaps and bounds for people, finding the right type of product is important for you, checking out what is on the market and looking at wholesale CBD to see how you can save on money, and get the best quality.

There are of course different varieties of CBD oil in the CBD oil space. For example, you can get broad spectrum cbd oil and full-spectrum CBD oil. With the differences being outlined at websites like you can better understand how to choose the right CBD oil for your needs.

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Why are London residents using CBD products?

· Around half (51%) of survey respondents in the London area use CBD products to try and alleviate symptoms of depression, which is the higher proportion of all major UK cities. According to the survey data, the city next highest for depression-driven CBD use is Norwich (43%) and the UK average is 36%

· 46% of the London CBD users we surveyed listed anxiety as a reason for regularly using CBD products

· A fifth of the respondents in London cite financial pressure as a primary cause of stress in their lives, which they take CBD products to help manage

· 40% of our surveyed Londoners use CBD products daily and 38% take it more than once per day

· An overwhelming 90% of London-based respondents indicated that they were likely to recommend CBD products to their family, friends or colleagues.

Instant eCare found that people living in London have generally had a positive experience when using CBD products, with 43% saying they might consider stopping some prescription medicine in favour of taking CBD products instead.

Instant eCare Director & Superintendent Pharmacist, Mahmuda Khatun, has said the following about CBD: “In today’s high-paced world, chronic stress and anxiety have become more and more common and research shows Cannabidiol products can help in a number of ways. CBD oil has surged in popularity and there is a growing shift in the health-conscious wanting to learn more about the hemp-based product.” There are many different CBD products around the world now, with different products potentially working better for some than others, which is why you should always read the review here on the selected CBD product.

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