New survey reveals London is the friendliest location in the UK for motorcyclists

Over the past few years, there has been a motorcycling renaissance; Brits have had more free time, new hobbies to invest in, and some lovely weather perfect for cruising down beautiful roads.

Insight from the motorcycling community also shows that another reason for uptake of the 420hobby, is the friendly community that comes with it, and the common friendly behaviours that most bikers do.

That’s why, Asda Money surveyed 1,000 UK motorcyclists to find out where the friendliest bikers live in the UK, and whether bikers’ behaviour changes depending on the region they live in – and if it’s true that Brits are friendlier in the north

Across the UK, most motorcyclists would call themselves a ‘friendly biker’ (96%), with the top friendly actions amongst bikers being “acting patient with both learner bikers and drivers” (57%), “letting pedestrians cross the road” (54%), and “nodding to other bikers” (49%).

The research shows that motorcyclists in London are considered the friendliest, with 7 per cent of motorcyclists voting London as the friendliest biker location. This may be surprising to some, due to the classic joke that southerners are less friendly than northerners, but two southern England regions appear in the top 3!

Top ten friendly biker locations in the UK:

Below are the locations in the UK that British bikers voted the ‘friendliest biker area’ outside of their own region.

London (7%)
South Wales (5%)
South West England (5%)
North Wales (4.8%)
Yorkshire and the Humber (4.7%)
East England (3.9%)
North East England (3.9%)
Mid Wales (3.5%)
South East England (3.3%)
South of Scotland (3.2%)
Over half (53%) of UK motorcyclists are part of a biker club, either on social media or a group that meets in person. Motorcycling is clearly a great hobby to get into if you like meeting new people and making friends, with UK motorcyclists having, on average, 23 biker friends.

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