Menstrual waste calculator launched to reveal how environmentally friendly period products really are

New research by INTIMINA shows that the average woman uses around 11,000 one-time menstrual products during her lifetime, spending on average over £4,370

Intimate wellbeing brand INTIMINA has launched a menstrual waste calculator to help people understand their contribution to menstrual waste production and their impact on the environment.

Earth Day is a day for people to celebrate the planet, reflect on daily habits and make minor changes to our routines that will make our lives, as well as the planet, more eco-friendly.

INTIMINA’s new menstrual waste calculator, named Greentimina, is a simple tool that calculates the amount of waste a person produces by using non-reusable menstrual products, such as pads and tampons, during their lifetime. It also estimates how much money a person will spend on those products.

The calculator asks you how old you were when you got your period, what sanitary products you use, how many periods you have a year and how long your period lasts.

Greentimina will calculate how many kilograms of menstrual waste you’ve created in your life so far.

Estimates show that an average woman uses around 11,000 one-time menstrual products during her lifetime and more often than not, they’re not disposed of in a sustainable way.

And that’s just the environmental side of things. INTIMINA has revealed that the average woman will spend £4,370 on disposable sanitary products.

INTIMINA spokesperson Marcella Zanchi says: “The type of waste made from disposable menstrual products can take centuries to decompose, and that is no good news for the planet’s ecosystem. Choosing a sustainable lifestyle means creating consumer habits that have minimal effect on the environment. The fact is that the changes you need to undergo in your daily rituals to help save the planet don’t need to be big, but they can do a lot for the environment and the next generation. So, if you are thinking about what you can do, switching to reusable products and products that can last for a lifetime is a great start.”

Opting for menstrual cups, which can last up to 8 years, is a small step anyone can make and, without a doubt, a choice that is healthier, more sustainable, cost-effective and eco-friendly.

For further information and to calculate your menstrual waste visit:

To help further educate on the topic of menstruation, INTIMINA has launched a book for young girls that have just entered or are about to enter puberty. ‘The Wonder Girls Guide Book’ aims to fill the hole left by inadequate educational programs, shame and taboos around periods and to strike up the conversation about an entirely normal part of growing up.

The book has been created for ages eight to twelve and tells stories about the trials & tribulations strong young women experience because of their changing, growing bodies. The online version is available on Wonder Girls Guidebook | Your Favorite Period Book | INTIMINA

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