Mencap celebrates local support worker, Karen Ball, after a difficult year

Like many of us, Karen is amongst the front-line keyworkers who whole-heartedly helped support the people we support at 51 Cameron Road throughout the Covid pandemic. Where we were short-staffed Karen offered to do back-to-back shifts in order to ensure that the people we support have a familiar face and quality care and support every day. A familiar caring face is highly valued by our people we support at a time when family members could only be contacted via video conferences.

During the first lockdown, a resident at Cameron Road contracted Covid-19. Staff levels depleted further, and Karen again rose to the challenge and chose to be a leading example for the team. Karen transitioned from her already challenging support role to a live-in care role, despite her own domestic obligations knowing that this would ensure that the people she supports were provided with consistency and continuity of care though what has been a very difficult year.

Karen’s resilience has never fluctuated she continues to be a leading example for staff in making sure that the people we support have the best quality of life possible by being caring, brave and passionate due to the invaluable role she has been playing in the lives of the people we support.

Karen has been a pivotal part of the Mencap team and her dedication this year has been second to none.

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