Marina Junqueira’s first solo presentation heads to The Muse Gallery

Marina Junqueira’s first solo presentation is an exhibition in two parts: research for the Photoboxing London series began during the artist’s visit to Britain in Summer 2019 while Prisoner of Copacabana was created during lockdown in Brazil.

Initially conceived as a critical yet humorous tribute to London, Photoboxing was scheduled to be shown in high Summer, i.e. at a time when the city’s population is switched for visitors from across the globe – making the gallery’s location at the heart of Portobello’s world famous market particularly pertinent. Instead, the exhibition will now be shown to a predominantly local audience at a time of restricted movement.

The subjects of the first series are discernible landmarks embellished with Junqueira’s trademark creatures, inspired by cartoon characters and urban graffiti. Her more recent paintings grant a more introverted view into the artist’s experience of being confined to her home. The figures in the Prisoner of Copacabana are more fluid and play out imaginary scenes of domestic crisis.

Both series combine a sense of longing and belonging, from far-flung destinations to familiar places and, above all, human connection.

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