Just like Marty McFly is treated to a Pepsi Perfect made fresh on the spot when he travels to the future, you can live out your futuristic fantasies this ‘Back to the Future Day’, as SodaStream is launching the iconic Pepsi MAX and 7UP Free flavours in the UK for the very first time.

The future is now finally here and you can make the perfect Pepsi drink at home with SodaStream and just as you like it…this is heavy doc!

And to celebrate ‘Back To The Future Day’ on October 21st, for a limited time only SodaStream is sending the price of its Spirit sparkling water makers back in time to £19.55…in honour of the year 1955*.

What’s more, the machines will also come with one of each of the new PepsiCo flavours; Pepsi MAX, Pepsi, 7UP Free and 7UP. What better way to celebrate ‘Back to the Future Day’ than having the perfect Pepsi just like Marty?

But hurry, time flies and with just 100 bundles of the machines and flavours up for grabs, this Back to the Future Day offer won’t last for long. So if you want to get your hands on one of these futuristic bundles, make sure to visit the SodaStream website at 10:04pm – when lightning hits the clocktower – before time runs out.

With the launch of SodaStream’s Pepsi flavours there is now even greater freedom of choice and more sustainable options when it comes to enjoying your favourite soft drinks. Plus SodaStream fans can now make up to nine litres of sparkling refreshment at home out of each 440ml bottle.

If you’re not quite quick enough and don’t have a time machine to try again, fear not. The new Pepsi flavours from SodaStream are available to purchase now for £4.99 from Sainsbury’s, Amazon, Ocado, John Lewis, Lakeland and more, as well as directly through

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