Love Island winning formula revealed ahead of Series 7

After a year away, Love Island Series 7 is due to kick off later this month, and nationwide fans are eagerly anticipating its return to our screens.

According to recent reports, producers received over 100,00 applicants from young, hot singles looking for a summer of love.

So, while the rumour mill is still circulating ahead of this year’s contestants being revealed, the data scientists at Kegel8 have been hard at work studying finalists from every UK series to discover the winning formula…

Could you have what it takes?

By analysing all aspects of the former finalists’ personal details, these were revealed to be the most likely combination of names, ages, star signs, occupations and hometowns of the new winning couple.

Well, if your name is Josh and you’re 24-years-old, a Taurus and a Professional Footballer from Essex – you could well be on your way to the final.

Likewise, if your name is Jess, you’re 23.5-years-old, a Taurus and a Model from London, you best have packed enough bikinis to last you the full stretch.

And, by morphing the faces of all 48 Love Island finalists so far, this is what the perfect couple might look like:

A person with no shirt

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

A person with blonde hair

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

But as we all know, there’s more to it when it comes to bagging the £50K prize, as the winner’s success on the show is largely down to how they play the game.

While some couples, such as Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham or Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey, coupled up on day one and went on to win, this certainly hasn’t been the case for every winning pair.

Season five’s winner Amber Gill had five other partners on the show, only meeting and recoupling with Greg O’Shea in week seven before the pair went on to win.

That means on average, a couple should get through at least three recoupling’s with each other or spend at least four weeks together in the villa before they reach the final.

It’s not all about arriving on day one either, as our stats show the perfect winning couple to both arrive in week two, coupling up with two partners each.

However, it is much more likely for finalist women to couple up with more partners than their men during their time in the villa.

Just look at Jess Hayes, Olivia Buckland, and Camilla Thurlow who all seemed relatively unlucky in love before their other halves entered the villa, coupling up with four men each during the series.

Although, while every female winner so far has been an original islander, traditionally male winners are more likely to be latecomers, with winners Max Morley, Greg O’Shea and Finley Tapp all checking in late.

The percentage of original male contestants who reach the final is currently 54 percent compared to 62.5 percent of original female contestants.

But while the finalists may seem like loves young dream inside the villa, finalist couples last around 64 weeks on average on the outside.

For season three finalists Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas, this was almost exactly the case, as they broke up 73 weeks after leaving the villa following a tumultuous relationship.

Others haven’t been so lucky, with the lowest recorded relationship being Katie and Adam (less than a week), followed by Jess and Max (4 weeks), Amber and Greg (5 weeks) and Laura and Paul (6 weeks).

There is still hope for future contestants of the hit show, though, as season two couples Cara and Nathan and Alex and Olivia are still together 256 weeks later. Also standing the test of time is Camilla and Jamie at 202 weeks and Molly-Mae and Tommy at 97 weeks and counting.

If these stats are anything to go by, it’s going to be a long, hot summer!

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