London’s fastest growing yoga chain in the Capital will reopen its catalogue of over 30 studios

MoreYoga, London’s fastest growing yoga chain in the Capital, will reopen its catalogue of over 30 studios as well as unveil four brand new spaces in Elephant & Castle, Uxbridge, Blackwall and Blackhorse Road. For half a decade, MoreYoga has pioneered the growth of yoga across London, disrupting the yoga scene with its ethos of inclusivity, equality and diversity. It has brought affordable and accessible yoga into the heart of local communities.

MoreYoga prides itself on being the most affordable yoga chain in the country – with a reopening offer of £5 for the first month and a new client offer of 3 classes for £10, valid for 14 days (access all studios). Usage based memberships are also available at a range of prices from £25-60 per month as well as individual classes, which can also be attended via Class Pass. Clients can also Pay-As-You-Go, with class packs from £8.50 per class.

Ahead of the reopening phase and new studio launches, founder Shamir Sidhu encourages people from all walks of life to try yoga for its myriad of health benefits; “Yoga has long been hailed as one of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety and build physical and mental fitness for the long term. After the challenges everyone has faced over this last year, even more so than ever we want to ensure every person has access to high quality but affordable yoga practice. That’s why we continue to roll out more studios with the lowest possible membership prices, and why we’ll continue to make online yoga and mental health support available virtually via our WellnessTV platform.”

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