London tops list of richest streets in UK

Money may not grow on trees but it does line the streets of London. Londoners have found £14.70 each in cash over the past 12 months – the most of any city in the UK, cashback website has found.

UK-wide, nearly 30 million of us have spotted £393 million in cash on the ground over the last 12 months[1]. This is the equivalent of each adult in the UK finding £7.50 over the course of a year.

Of those that found cash, more than nine in 10 state they have done so at least once every two months, while 15% of the population confirm they have found more than £10 in the last 12 months.

The research surveyed 2,003 people up and down the UK, and found that London tops the list as the city that’s home to the most unclaimed cash. The capital may be the most cash-rich, but Liverpudlians should also keep an eye out, as the city came second to, with an average of £8.40 found.

Southampton (£1.80), Norwich (£1.80), and Glasgow (£2.80) dwellers on the other hand will have to rely on other forms of income, as the cities’ streets are home the least amounts of money.

Cathal Wogan, Spokesperson at Quidco, said, “Although we’re moving towards a cashless society, this research shows there’s plenty of cash lying around on UK streets.

“At Quidco we’re all about helping people save cash on their purchases – whether it’s a couple of quid on a new pair of jeans, or hundreds of pounds on a new phone contract.”

Top 10 cities for cash

London £14.70
Liverpool £8.40
Newcastle £7.70
Edinburgh £7.20
Cardiff £6.60
Manchester £5.80
Birmingham £5.10
Bristol £4.60
Nottingham £4.10
Leeds £3.70

Bottom three cities for cash

Glasgow £2.80
Norwich £1.80
Southampton £1.80

Half (48%) of Brits said they would pocket money they find, 17% said they’d donate it to charity, and 5% would leave it for someone else to find. Despite this, a huge 87% of us have kept the money we’ve found over the last 12 months.

Over 55s are the least likely to be influenced by their financial situation at the time when deciding whether to keep the money or give it away, with 18% stating that feeling the financial pinch would tempt them into keeping a large amount of money. This compares to almost half (43%) of 18-34s.


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