London is the worst UK city for working from home, according to new research  

Despite being hailed as the centre of business in the UK, London was revealed to be the worst UK city for those working from home, according to research.

With Brits set to return to remote working, the study by online printing specialist, instantprint, ranks the UK’s best and worst cities for working from home.

instantprint created a points system that took into consideration a variety of factors for each city that are conducive with a smooth working day from home: 

· UK population (as a gauge of potential noise levels) 
· average internet download speed (Mbps)  
· 4G signal strength  
· average no. of rooms per property  
· average overall sq. footage of property (m₂)  
· average property price 2020  
· average monthly rent 2020  
· average cost of living minus rent (per person per month) 

The ‘big smoke’ is by far the biggest city in the UK and considered to be central hub of business for Brits, but with 67 points, many other cities score better than London overall. Soaring average monthly rents of £1.6k, high costs of living (£831) and an average overall property size of 65.6m₂ were all contributing factors.  

Joining the capital at the bottom end of the scale, Cardiff, Sheffield and Bristol were found to be some of the worst cities in the UK for employees finding themselves working from home.

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