Local search specialist sets the gold standard in digital property transactions

The pandemic geared the property sector towards ‘digital by default’ legal forms and one property data provider has become the first to set the ‘Gold’ standard for its conveyancing clients to speed up transactions during the current property boom.

X-Press Legal Services Central, South West and North West London has been awarded the first ever Gold standard partnership with leading legal software innovator FormEvo and SDLT.co.uk for its commitment to delivering the very best supply chain end to end security service for local solicitor firms and homebuyers.

UK average house prices increased by 7.5% over the year to January 2021, new government data revealed, with house prices in London climbing an average of 4.6%. X-Press is helping its clients keep up with the property ‘boom’ by accessing over 2,000 cloud-based property transaction forms that are updated in real-time, feature secure transfer of data and greatly speed up the property transaction process.

Tom Mannion, owner of X-Press Legal Services Central, South West and North West London comments:
“The pandemic propelled us to launch new innovative digital services for our clients, as working remotely became the norm. Our new partnership with FormEvo offers our clients the flexibility of being able to share real-time data securely with colleagues and their home-buying clients who can, for instance, fill in their ‘Fixtures and Fittings’ form from the safety of their own home, and it will be automatically available to their solicitor, enhancing the speed and accuracy of the process.”

The legal services firm now offers its conveyancing clients an integrated solution with both SDLT.co.uk and FormEvo and the digital turnaround can take just 48 hours.

Tom adds: “Our legal clients across London who are handling the increase in property transactions will benefit from a reduction in errors, version control and the ability to continue to work remotely with complete cyber compliance.”

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