Leigh Luscious tells all about love song she will release on Valentines Day

Local singer/songwriter Leigh Luscious has promised fans an interesting array of music in the new year, in a candid chat with London TV she confirmed her first ever love song!

In a candid chat he told us “My new single ‘Girlfriend’ is out on Valentine’s Day and is very different from the usual naughty Leigh Luscious style which my songs mainly reflect but this is instead a love song about the pain of unrequited love.”

She added “It was written about a celebrity but I don’t want to focus too much on this because the song is about love and the wish to be with someone, whoever that person may be. It is a romantic song with a Leigh Luscious style twist at the end with the loss of course being his in the end.”

Discussing her motivation behind the song she told us “I have had a great advantage I think because I have lived life as a fan and a performer and I’ve learnt that being happy is about how you feel about yourself and not about who you love or where you live and it is definitely not about looking at what everyone else is doing.”

Leigh Luscious’ latest track Girlfriend is due for release on Valentine’s Day 2018, you can keep up to date with her music via Twitter on @leighluscious1

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