Knoops to open second London site in Kensington this month

Thanks to the warm welcome they’ve received since opening their first London bricks and mortar site in Clapham Junction, Knoops, the home of expertly crafted chocolate drinks, is proud to announce the opening of their second site in the capital on Kensington High Street later this month.

The coronavirus outbreak has had a crippling impact on the hospitality industry up and down the country, and despite months of economic uncertainty, founder Jens Knoop has decided to continue with his expansion plans, with the opening bringing some much needed good news in these unprecedented times.

Boasting Knoops’ trademark sleek and minimalist interior, the Kensington outpost is located on the corner of Kensington Church Street, and just a stone’s throw from High Street Kensington tube.
Jens discovered his love of chocolate growing up in rural Germany, and years later, still harbouring the same passion for the confectionery, he opened Knoops in Rye, East Sussex, in 2013. Coincidentally, a career in chocolate was written in the stars as Jens’ Dutch surname ‘Knoop’ translates as ‘button’ – the perfect name for someone who lovingly makes drinks from real chocolate buttons.

Having observed that chocolate drinks were so often under loved; an afterthought on café menus or the preserve of high-end chocolatiers, he set about creating a business fully centered on drinking chocolate, both hot and cold. On a mission to make drinking hot chocolate a real experience, Knoops is committed to providing the best possible ingredients – a range of different % chocolates, and milk – resulting in a velvety smooth drink catered to customers’ varying tastes and requirements.

A first of its kind in the chocolate world, Knoops allows guests to create bespoke drinks from a menu that encompasses around 21 different chocolates (13 of which are vegan), and five different milks. A Knoopologist guides guests through the chocolate percentage menu, flavour options, and milk choices (a process called ‘Knoopology’), meaning the opportunities are endless.

Alongside their stores, Knoops has expanded their retail range with a variety of chocolate flakes and coffees available from their online shop. Customers can browse a wide selection of products including single-origin chocolates from Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela as well as KeepCups and coffee.

Preparing for the festive period ahead, Knoops has created several gifts ideal for chocolate lovers including their Knoopifier – a German designed kitchen gadget that allows everybody to make the very best Knoops hot chocolate at home. With a polished stainless-steel finish, the Knoopifier works best with Knoopifier buttons, and heats and froths milk for restaurant-quality Knoops hot chocolate.

Jens has honed his knowledge on the taste profiles of many different chocolates over the years, coupled with perfecting the meticulous skill for making the best hot chocolate. Alongside his close-knit and experienced team, Jens brings his passion and love of chocolate to Knoops – and something new to the High Street.

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