K-Pop Star Oli London trends worldwide after being permanently banned then unbanned on TikTok

British K-pop singer and Dr. Phil star Oli London, who has recently become one of Tiktoks biggest stars with just under half a billion views (440 Million), has gone viral on social media after his Tiktok account appeared to be permanently banned.

The Tiktok sensation who averages 100 million views per month on his videos, was in the middle of a live stream with fans before the live abruptly ended with no explanation. Concerned fans then tried to search the star’s profile but it had been removed citing “the account has been permanently banned’.

Twitter and Tiktok users instantly went wild with theories. Some users expressed their worry and concern about what had happened to Oli’s account especially given the fact he abruptly disappeared mid sentence during a live stream. However thousands of social media users also cruelly celebrated with many laughing and joking that their campaign to ‘cancel him’ had worked.

A spokesman for Oli declined to specify a reason for the ban but said “We want to thank the Tiktok team for resolving the issue quickly. Oli always aims to inspire his fans with positive and joyful videos and he will always continue to do what he loves. We have no further comment on the matter.”

After 1 hour of being banned, Olis account appeared to be up and running again and he even posted a video showing off his new hair. He made no mention of the ban on his Tiktok profile.

This isn’t the first time he has been subjected to severe online bullying, most recently trolls made up fake news articles claiming that he had died- with many cruelly joking that they were happy with the news. It was later proven to be false and Oli is reportedly taking legal action against the source of the false information.

The controversial star is regularly the target of trolls and online bullies for his extreme love of K-pop and for being the first British man to ever make Kpop music. He has appeared on numerous shows across the world from Dr. Phil to the BBC where he has detailed the horrifying lengths bullies go to while targeting him online.

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