Introducing The Grand Expedition, a new immersive dining experience from Gingerline

London’s exuberant dining trailblazers Gingerline are back and they have cooked-up their most sensational journey to date, The Grand Expedition. Taking place at a top secret location on the Victoria line, revellers will receive a text message with directions to the address on the day of their adventure (or the day before for matinee guests). Part dance spectacle, part multimedia simulation, part supper club, it’s billed as a “floating, feeding, falling dream”, featuring five interactive courses paired with eccentric performance and storytelling.

Once guests have stepped into the theatrical set, fashioned into a fantastical landscape among the clouds, they are sworn to secrecy and urged not to post photos online as they are taken on incredible, edible journey.

Cooked-up by adventure-loving food fanatics Suzannah Montfort and Kerry Adamson who set up Gingerline eight years ago, The Grand Expedition is their most impassioned project yet; where interactive set design and art installation combine with gastronomic storytelling.

Born from a love of great food, performance and unusual experiences, Suzannah and Kerry started out by hosting supper clubs in their kitchen. “We ended- up inventing this thing called immersive dining”, says Suzannah by way of explanation, “and people seemed to love it as much as we did.” Their humble-yet- ambitious supper club format grew into the otherworldly Chambers of Flavour, which pushed the perception of what was possible; combining culinary creations with madcap storytelling. Diners and partygoers were served–up courses in forests, gondolas and giant ball pits. They were ushered onto an aircraft by a drag queen flight attendant, who performed a song and dance number while delivering the final course. Finally, patrons were pushed down a slide – to stand bemused – marking the end of the experience. Time Out called it “the most riotous, otherworldly experience you will have ever had the good luck to attend,” and Vogue said it was “the hottest ticket in town.”

Gingerline exists for one simple reason: to push the humble dinner party to its limits – and then beyond them, neatly into the realms of surrealism. Creative Director and co-Founder of Gingerline, Suzannah Mountfort explains that her inspiration to execute this format for The Grand Expedition was powered by “the most analogue of pastimes: pop-up books and bedtime stories, the tales they tell and the dreams they can induce. It’s designed for grown-ups but inspired by the adventures we dreamed of having as children.”

A fusion of live animation, dance display, flavoursome delights and exquisite set design. The Grand Expedition is an unforgettable, once in a lifetime dining experience to share with your most adventurous friends as you explore the future of dining.


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