Influencer duo, SO VEGAN launches plant-based recipe app you need to try

With a following spanning over 1.6 million, Roxy Pope and Ben Pook are responsible for one of the largest vegan networks, ‘SO VEGAN’, that inspires people across the world to create fun, fuss-free plant powered meals.

SO VEGAN first launched their Facebook in 2016, quickly expanding to Instagram and YouTube and have most recently co-authored two best selling cookbooks, One Pot Vegan and SO VEGAN in 5 that have received high praise from the likes of Vogue, The Times and Sir Paul McCartney. The plant-based championing duo are now pleased to announce their latest innovation: the SO VEGAN App.

The app was born from SO VEGAN’s ongoing mission; to make eating plant-based food as easy and accessible as possible in order to help both people and our planet. With this in mind, the app boasts over 350 fuss-free and flavoursome vegan recipes that are both simple and delicious to create. Whether you’re a first time vegan cook or a seasoned plant powered pro, the app aims to provide endless inspiration, encouraging users to cut down on eating meat and dairy, and instead, begin to put plants on our plate.

From their Vegan Lentil + Chickpea ‘Meatloaf’ to their Rum + Orange Chocolate Truffles, the app features various categories such as high protein, one pot wonders, low ingredient dinners and gluten free offerings, not to mention creative and delicious festive creations just in time for Christmas.

When it comes to functionality, the app aims to make the user experience as seamless as possible through various features such as the ability to export ingredients to a shopping list and step-by-step recipe videos. A favourite feature of ours? The screen awake mode, meaning no constant unlocking of your phone is required.

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