How to Fight Boredom and Anxiety During Self-Isolation Period

“Bored in the house” is probably dominating the social media hashtags these days, with many of us locking ourselves at home as a way to slow and hopefully put an end to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While a home is a basic need, humans are just not meant to spend a lot of free time inside. In fact, staying all day indoors may trigger loneliness and anxiety, which may be detrimental to our overall health.

It’s okay to feel bored and anxious when things are understandably weird. However, if you look at the brighter side of things, maybe staying at home is a mixed blessing. Think about your previous normal days when you barely had enough time to do all the things you wanted because you seemed pretty occupied with the busy world. Think about the days when you wanted to sleep a few more minutes before finally rolling out of bed to fulfill your duties. Now that all the circumstances in the world are giving you more free time to stay at home, why not make the most of it?

Just because you spend the whole day indoors doesn’t mean entertainment sources should be limited. You don’t need to write an entire novel and be the next greatest novelist after this pandemic. But if you need some restructuring in your daily life in a tiny apartment, with no one else but a furry companion, watching some Weird Commercials, dreaming about the outside world, then here are some other relaxing activities you can do to cope with daily quarantine stresses.

Workout, meditate and reflect

This isolation period is a great excuse to spend more time working out or doing yoga sessions every day, especially when you have more time to eat a lot and slack off inside the house. Not only do exercise and meditation boost physical fitness, but these activities also improve mood, lower stress and anxiety levels, and develop self-esteem-a few things we need in this trying time more than ever. However, should your anxiety remain, the option of trying some CBD edibles from HiBrid Co or similar dispensaries near your area stands. Many people tend to state that cannabis can be really effective in lowering anxiety levels. You can test that theory for yourself. Also, take this moment to reflect, appreciate what you have for now, and think about planning for the future. If you’re looking for a way to get some clarity in your thoughts but aren’t sure how, consider trying out some mushrooms from e-stores like get kush, which could help you reflect on your own life. However, gather as much information as possible before you try these substances.

Transform your bathroom into a DIY spa

With some nice sheet masks on, lovely candles around, and some relaxing music, you can already have that five-star spa moment at home! To help boost your mood naturally, consider soaking in a CBD-infused bath or simply combining your relaxing experience with a couple of CBD gummies.

In case you missed it, CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating hemp compound gaining a lot of attention for its potentially calming benefits. Its ability to promote feelings of relaxation arises from its relationship with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Cannabidiol is believed to support the ECS in maintaining balance at every level of its biological functions.

Also, in case you want to get extra fancy, you can follow some DIY wine and honey bath soak for a luxury spa experience. This simple yet relaxing activity perhaps gives you a sense of freedom while travelling and hotel experiences remain risky. As you transform your bathroom, why not take this time to reorganise your house as well to create a new style and mood.

Learn something new

Whether it be a new language, a recipe or a musical piece, take this free time as an opportunity to learn something new. Why waste your precious time curling up on the couch when there are tons of resources available that can help enhance your skills? Check out YouTube tutorials, blogs or online courses that you might be interested in. This helps expand your knowledge and horizons by keeping your mind busy.

Take a virtual trip

If travelling is what you’ve been longing for the most ever since the pandemic started, there’s one way to see the outside world from the comfort of your home. Although virtual trips cannot replace some benefits of actual travelling, they may offer great entertainment while you’re at home. You can take advantage of this whole time off researching good places to travel when it’s no longer risky.

Reconnect with old friends virtually

Being swamped with work, we often miss checking in with our old friends and asking how things have been. If you have loved ones abroad that you haven’t seen for a while, now is the best time to rekindle a lapsed friendship by catching up on group chats or video calls. Experts suggest that when a lonely person tries to reach out to their friends, the burden may become much lighter than before. It appears that talking to someone who knows and understands you most may help ease stress and keep your sanity during isolation.

Cook your way to better health

To say that nutrition is vital during the pandemic is an understatement. Alongside regular exercise and supplementation, a well-balanced diet is fundamental to enhancing your immune health. While it’s probably tempting to rely on food deliveries now that your favourites are just a few clicks away, the food you eat plays a significant role in your health. Use your free time at home to improve your healthy cooking skills not only to kill time but also to ensure your body is receiving its nutritional needs.

Swim your worries away

More resorts are gradually reopening as lockdown rules in some areas have been lifted. But in case you’re not comfortable going to the beach and coming into close contact with others, take advantage of your lap pool in the backyard if you have it. Swimming is another form of relaxing activity that stimulates the brain to release “feel-good” hormones that help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

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