How effective is PPC advertising?

A pay-per-click advertising is a form of digital marketing with results visible in short time. How effective is PPC advertising? It’s one of the most successful forms of online marketing, giving you quick results, and reliable returns. It also ensures your business is more visible on search engines.

What is PPC advertising?

PPC ads or pay-per-click advertising, is a form of digital marketing requiring an advertiser to pay a fee if their ad is clicked. It’s literally buying visits to your websites. Such an ad is displayed at the top of the search results page, or as a product grid to the right-hand side. PPC efficiency is assessed as high.

Your goal with paid search advertising is to generate traffic, sales or inquiries from your target audience. The fee for PPC ads is trivial – one click may cost you £2, and you the product you sell is worth  £100.

The most common platforms for a PPC campaign are Google Ads and Bing Ads.The most common types of such ads are:

  1. display ads – graphic/banner ads appearing on 3rd party partner websites;
  2. social media paid ads – appear on chosen social media sites;
  3. search ads – shown to customers when they search for businesses like yours;
  4. shopping ads – text ads + images appear when customers look for a similar business too yours;
  5. video ads – your ads appear in videos on Youtube;
  6. Gmail ads – ads sent via Gmail.

TOP benefits of using PPC advertising

What are the top benefits of using PPC advertising? PPC campaign is not focused on organic traffic, and unlike organic traffic, it can bring you results immediately, even right after it has been published.

PPC campaign management is quite easy and it allows you to measure and track the returns from the platform.You can see conversions, as well as order or lead values. All these numbers and data make it possible for you to modify your paid search advertising campaign to increase PPC efficiency if necessary.

Pay per click campaign management is totally in your hands, giving you the opportunity to temporarily pause advertising, or run ads in specific periods of the year, for example before Christmas, on Black Friday or any other special occasions.You can even choose the hours, or days of the week the ads should be shown in. The budget is also under your control, knowing how much a click is worth you can easily assess the amount for the whole month of advertising.

Is PPC worth investing my money, you may ask? You should know PPC it’s highly targeted advertising, due to data analysis which allows you to adjust you ads according to the device used, time of day or even location. It means no more money wasted on ineffective advertising.

How to run PPC advertising campaign?

Before investing your money into PPC ads, read how to run a PPC campaign. The first step should be the decision on what you want to achieve with pay-per-click advertising.Your goals may be: driving traffic to your website, selling products or getting subscribers for your email newsletter. The goals you set will influence the advertising forms, for example driving sales should be based on search ads, while brand awareness building may be based on social media ads.

Then, find a suitable place to advertise. The two most popular advertising services are Google AdWords and Microsoft Advertising. AdWords campaign management may be challenging and you shouldn’t expect to learn everything in one day.

Without proper keywords, your even most impressive PPC ads won’t be profitable. After having chosen the keywords, set the bids on those keywords, establishing your daily or monthly budget. But don’t get lazy with keywords, as they need continuous improvements and research.

AdWords campaign management allows you for audience targeting, when the keywords are based on the intent.The search intent keywords may be transnational
(customers willing to buy from you), informational (people want to know more about your company), and navigational (customers looking for a certain page). The keywords you choose, and the intent of them should depend on your goals.

After all of the steps, you can finally create your ad. Try different headlines, calls-to-action and other extensions. Enable ad rotation to allow AdWords identify the most effective ad variants.



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