Get Your BetterBetting BETR Tokens in Time for the World Cup

BetterBetting, an innovative new secure peer-to-peer sports betting system, aims to reach reach their $30m hard cap limit and close their BETR token sale to the public. The digital BetterBetting currency will be the industry standard for a transparent and provably fair sports betting system, and available for use during the World Cup in Russia, June 14th- July 15th and beyond. Some people love betting, but the element of risk is too much. That is why taking advantage of free bets can be a more responsible way of doing things.

For the first time in history, a digital token (BETR) will be available during the World Cup, the biggest sporting event in the world, for true peer-to-peer betting with no central party, providing a robust escrow and settlement service. If you’re the kind of person that prefers traditional online betting methods, checking out the sites featured on pph sportsbook might be a good first port of call for betting on the World Cup. Through the blockchain based system, two parties who do not know one another and have no common operator are given access to betting opportunities that did not even previously exist. If betting on football is not your style, then you can always try other sports like horse racing. You can even find professional horse racing tips online nowadays.

There is no requirement for a regulated entity, since there is no central intermediary and there is no licensable entity (such as a bookmaker or exchange). The role of bookmaker is filled by a smart, automated system. This doesn’t mean bookmakers and exchanges cannot participate; they will simply be another entity on the system. And since no operator is necessary or utilized on the system, access to betting in jurisdictions where dealing with operators is illegal is not an issue.

No more credit cards, wire transfers and other outdated payment mechanisms. BETR (Betting tokens) will take their place and can always be sold and traded with coins such as bitcoin and ethereum.

If you don’t want to take part in this bitcoin betting system then it doesn’t matter, you can just stick with the normal online betting method where you look for the best and most favorable of odds for the World Cup.

BetterBetting and its BETR token afford sports fans access to large wholesale bets too. There is a massive market for betting where the amounts exceed those that individual operators are prepared to risk. This system will provide the liquidity to enable these bets to be placed as there are no system limits. Bets are pooled so many parties can match a single bet.

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