Expert reveals seven design tips to make your hot tub blend in with your garden’s aesthetic

The arrival of summer means garden parties, barbecues and as many chances as possible to unwind in the hot tub. A hot tub can be both a fun and relaxing addition to your garden so it’s no surprise that they have seen a massive boom in the last few years with Brits increasingly looking to make the most of their outdoor space.

Whether you have a wooden, inflatable or even an in-ground hot tub, there are lots of ways to help them blend into, and work with the flow and design, of your garden.

Will Driscoll, co-founder and director of hot tub retailer EZ Shopper, has shared seven tips on how hot tub owners can make them blend into their garden and match their aesthetic.


“If you’re building or buying a surround for your hot tub, make sure that it complements your existing garden furniture. For instance, if you’ve purchased rattan furniture for your garden, opt for a pre-made rattan surround. It’s a popular choice as it’s hard wearing, water resistant and goes with virtually every type of garden, from modern to traditional. Alternatively, if the majority of your furniture is wooden, buy a wooden surround which will create a rustic and bohemian effect. If you’re handy, you can even build one yourself from decking or old pallets. A hot tub surround is perfect as it can also double up as table space to leave towels or drinks on, or to place candles and create ambience.”


“The weather in the UK can be unreliable, so having some kind of shelter for your hot tub just makes sense. This could be as simple as a wooden pergola or as elaborate as a shed with a built-in bar area. Pergolas can be metal or wooden to suit your taste, come with permanent or retractable covers if you like to sit in the sun and can be painted any colour you like to match the design of your garden. If opting for a shed, you’ll need a medium to large garden but this is a really fun way to make the most of your hot tub whatever the weather.”

Soft Furnishings

“There’s been a big trend for outdoor textiles recently. Things like outdoor rugs and water resistant cushions have been everywhere. This is a really easy way to blend your hot tub into your garden and bring some of your indoor style outside. Arrange rugs and cushions near to your hot tub to soften the look and create an inviting and calm area with a little bit of luxury. If you have a wall or fence next to your hot tub, you can add quirky touches like mirrors, art or signs, which can be easily removed when not in use, and a simple flat sheet can create a canopy over your hot tub for an instagram friendly garden aesthetic.”

Lighting and Heating

“Lighting can make a huge difference to your garden and also set the tone for how you use your hot tub. Gentle candlelight in hurricane vases creates a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere while festoon lights suspended above and in trees can be romantic and whimsical or look great for more social occasions. Similarly, outdoor heating can create different moods; from fire pits or chimineas to electric lamp heaters. There are plenty of options depending on whether you prefer a more classic garden or a contemporary one with all mod cons.”


“Many people favour a simple garden with little maintenance while others love lots of plants, flowers and greenery. If you prefer a simple garden but still want an on-trend look for your hot tub, fake plants can look really good. You can even get living walls which attach to garden fences, walls or pergolas. They also give the added bonus of extra privacy. If you’re a keen gardener, growing your own flowers and hanging baskets can create a stunning floral paradise around your hot tub for a real country garden effect.”

Garden dividers

“Using garden dividers is a quick and simple way to help your hot tub seamlessly fit into your garden. Garden dividers are a freestanding option that can be quickly erected and don’t cost too much. They give you and any guests extra privacy when using the hot tub and can also be decorated with things like fairy lights, mirrors or artwork. There are metal or wooden versions available, some very simple and some with intricate patterns so there is something for every hot tub owner’s taste.”

To the bar

“Whilst it’s not advised to drink inside your hot tub, if you have the space and use your garden to socialise quite often, a bar could be a really fun addition to your hot tub set up. It might be as simple as a Murphy bar which pulls down from the wall or a built-in bar that surrounds your hot tub. Wooden bars can be painted to match your garden and you can hang signs up, use outdoor cushions on your bar stools and trail some lights around too.”

“If you’ve invested in a hot tub, you want to make sure you get the maximum use out of it. Making it a real feature of your garden and decorating it so it blends in perfectly with your existing space will help you to enjoy it even more, giving you another excuse to escape into your garden and get in your hot tub.”

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