Eddie Zajdel, Director of Inpersonified on Prime Video, Answers The Biggest Audience Questions

Since premiering on Prime Video on April 17th, Inpersonified has continued to grab the attention of viewers from around the world. Independent filmmaker Eddie Zajdel’s first attempt at a horror film, Inpersonified has attracted rave reviews and stirred some controversy. We reached out to Eddie to ask him some of the most common questions viewers had after viewing the film over the last couple weeks.

Why did the man say, “Do you know how easy it is to be kidnaped? Was he going to kidnap the girl if the monsters did not show up?

There is a difference between saying you are going to do something and actually doing something. Could it have been a joke? Maybe. The man’s intentions were not very good, but kidnaping the girl was not one of them.  

The radio in the car says authorities are looking for a serial kidnaper. Is the guy inside the car the serial kidnaper?

Once again, if the man really wanted to kidnap the girl, would he be taking her out to the middle of the woods to smoke? Also, the social interactions between the guy and the girl could give the impression that they have known each other for quite some time. Give it some thought. How did she get inside the car in the first place? Why did he ask her if she has a lighter? This was a planned date, not a kidnaping.

What is the significance of the burned man’s eyes opening?

Whether you caught it or not, there were many instances in the movie where eyes had significance. First, there is the doll that opens its eyes at the beginning of the film. There is then an old doll on the television stand when she first walks inside the house. Once she walks into the hallway, there is a bear staring back at her. Even later, there is the scene where the dead guy opens his eyes to reveal black emptiness, and the movie ultimately concludes when she comes facetoface locking eye with the doll. These monsters originally intentionally placed these inanimate objects in various locations and used their eyes to help them track the girl. 

Why is there a Christmas carol playing in the background while three Satanists burn a dead body?

I get asked this question quite a few times. I used the song because it felt right in a confusing and creepy way. We all associate Christmas music with good times and happiness, but in this case is it being played over three monsters dressed in plague masks burning a dead body they just killed. I used the song because showed the joy that these monsters are experiencing while involved in an utter rampage. The song also mentions the birth of a new king, and here the monsters want to be reborn into new kings, kings of the underworld, and they are under the belief that burning the body will help them get there.

What happens to the girl after the end of the movie?

The monsters have an intention throughout the whole film. Once they get their hands on the girl at the end of the film, what they do is for the audience to wonder. There were original production plans to extend the film after the kidnapping, but they were never put into production. I always felt that having an openending to a horror film leaves the audience with a moment forcreativity.

We thank Eddie for taking the time today to answer some of the common questions circling about the film. He remains open to giving the audience more insight into the film, and will be answering questions and through his Twitter @EddieZaj.

An exciting new horror film, Inpersonified is still available for free on Prime Video. For more information, Zajdel encourages readers to visit www.EddieZajdel.com.









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