Dog Fouling in London estimated to Produce 23 million kg methane emissions each year

As of 2021, the UK had an estimated 12.5 million dogs, we estimated that this can equate to 68,437,500 kilograms of methane gas emissions every year. But which cities are producing the most? Researchers at did some digging to find out and London topped the list!

London, which has the largest population of dogs, with 4,267,416 canine companions topped the list as the UK city producing the highest levels of methane.

The capital city produces 1,106,096g of poop per day – which equates to 23,364,103 kg of methane emissions per year. The astonishing amount of poop that the city produces each day is equivalent to the weight of 276 Asian Elephants, which weigh on average 4,000 kg.

Following in second place is Glasgow which is producing on average 91,638g of dog waste each day, which generates 1,935,667 kg of methane emissions each year.

Here’s how much the most dog-friendly cities in the UK produce every year:

London – 1,106,096g of poop per day – 23,364,103 kg of methane each year
Glasgow – 91,638g – 1,935,667 kg
Sheffield – 71,516g – 1,510,627 kg
Manchester – 69,972g – 1,478,027 kg
Liverpool – 64,233g – 1,356,804 kg
Bristol – 56,841g – 120,0648 kg
Nottingham – 39,231g – 828,681 kg
Newcastle-upon-Tyne – 36,439g – 769,695 kg
Aberdeen – 33,710g – 712,063 kg
Southampton – 697977g – 697,977 kg

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