DAM Health opening more Covid testing clinics across Greater London

DAM Health is proud to be reaching 12 clinics across Greater London from next week. This means that more Londoners than ever will have access same day results which no other testing company is able to offer at £129 per test.

Current clinics cover Fulham, Mayfair, Clapham, London Bridge, Surrey, Brentwood in Essex, High Wycombe, Kilburn and Harlow, with Kings Cross opening on 4th May, Epping in Essex on 6th May and Luton on 7th May.

DAM Health started with one clinic in Liverpool where the company’s HQ is based back in November, and in 5 months have reached 25 locations across the UK with 40 by the end of May as the private testing sector continues to rapidly expand.

DAM Health provides rapid testing with government approved same day PCR results, a unique service during the pandemic which has already seen over 70,000 people tested across the UK. They also offer PCR Fit To Fly, PCR Fit To Work, and also rapid antibody testing and antigen testing.

Whilst walk-in and home test centres offer lateral flow tests, Dam Health use the more accurate PCR tests in a clinical environment conducted by trained clinicians.

Professor Frank Joseph, DAM Health’s medical director, explains: “What we have seen from the very start is how many people don’t want to do the tests themselves at home or be in a warehouse somewhere. They want professionals to do the test for them in as safe an environment as possible – everyone from business people to families, from workers to those just wanting to be certain they are negative. All of our clinics offer this very high standard and it gives peace of mind knowing their results are accurate. In Greater London we are on the brink of 12 clinics which offer incredible access to millions of people wanting peace of mind.”

They have also launched 5 clinics and 2 labs in Spain with other European countries in development too, including France, Portugal, Mexico and Holland.

And with a European holiday season surge looming soon and the festival and events worlds aiming to come back this summer, the emphasis on testing for these beleaguered sectors will remain huge throughout 2021. Frank adds: “We are soon announcing some major initiatives which we believe can help families plan a summer holiday again and help festivals open. Both industries have suffered badly in the pandemic and part of our new plans are to get people looking forward to going away again, safe in the knowledge they are negative.”

As the UK for now eases back into a new normal and more road map dates to come, the need for testing will be ever greater in a wide range of environments from work and travel to mass gatherings and indoor events. Dam Health are at the fore of the UK’s private testing sector.

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