Dalston’s Soda partners with British fashion label RÆBURN to create stylish slogan Tee to drive action

East London born all natural drinks brand Dalston’s Soda has teamed up with RÆBURN, responsible British fashion brand. Christopher Raeburn, Creative Director of RÆBURN, and Global Creative Director of Timberland who has collaborated with the likes of Umbro, Aēsop and The North Face has designed an ethical, sustainable, on trend, all-natural Tee to bring Dalston’s “YES WE CAN” message to life in the lead up to Climate Change Conference COP26.

The creative duo’s goal is to encourage drinks brands across Britain to offset their carbon emissions as Dalston’s has been granted Carbon Neutral Status. Around half the metal used to make Dalston’s cans is recycled – and this brings the emissions created down significantly.

The timeless T-shirt includes a host of powerful messages to drive action including Don’t Let the Planet Pop, Let’s Get to Zero and Yes We Can and is available for a limited period online at www.dalstons.com. Dalston’s & Christopher Raeburn are on the same mission to challenge their respective industries to help in the battle against climate change. To create the Tee, they took Dalston’s Soda actual drinks ingredients including cherry juice, ginger, and elderflower distillate and blended them with accredited organic inks.

Christopher Raeburn, Founder of RÆBURN: “RÆBURN are a proud part of the Race To Zero, so we’re thrilled to be joining forces with exemplary brand Dalston’s who have already achieved Carbon Neutral status – together we have our sights firmly set on COP26 in Glasgow. This year is the most decisive year in climate action history and with this campaign our hope is to encourage any business to cut their carbon footprint dramatically, it’s as simple as that.”

Duncan O’Brien, Founder at Dalston’s Soda: “Dalston’s Soda drinkers can now enjoy a can without worrying that they are contributing to their CO2 footprint and now it’s time for other drinks brands to follow suit… YES WE CAN!”

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