Creative Women’s Mastermind Launches Free Co-Working Sessions

Amanda Kerin who runs Creative Women’s Mastermind – a global community supporting women working from home – is offering complimentary coworking and ‘mastermind’ sessions to give women a sense of community through human interaction whilst working in isolation.

The free ‘Virtual Coffee and Coworking Sessions’ provide women WFH the opportunity to connect with other likeminded women to cowork, share ideas and collaborate.

Amanda launched the platform after moving from Bristol to the French Alps to be with her partner, a busy pilot who often spent long shifts away from home. She missed human interaction and was afraid of admitting how she truly felt to friends and family, but built up the courage which led her to wanting to help other women experiencing loneliness.

With nine in 10 people believing small moments of connection can help tackle loneliness, the complimentary coworking sessions can form part of a ‘digital health kit’ for women as we navigate these uncertain times.

Visit to find out more.

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